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About Daniel Lundquist

Daniel graduated the University of New Hampshire in 2010 where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and his minor in Information Technology. After college, Daniel spent some time living in Colorado enjoying the outdoors. He loves to golf and go to the beach in the summers and he loves to ski as much as possible in the winters.

He is now living in the Boston area focusing on his career and pursuing his Marketing dreams.

He is the author of:

The Simple Job Description of the President of the United States


Now you may think that the most complex job description would be that of the President of the United States. Actually, the job description is pretty simple and straightforward. Taken from Article II, Sections 2 and 3 of the Constitution, the following is the job description a candidate might see if he or she were applying for the position of President of the United States.

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5 Apps to Help Run Your Business in 2013

App - CiscoWebEx

Business-on-the-go will become even more popular in 2013 due to the advancements of business applications for your smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Depending on the company, executives, sales reps, or marketers may frequently be outside the office conducting their business. An executive in New York may be making the long flight to China for an important business meeting or a marketer might be out on the streets in Denver passing out flyers for the next big launch. No matter where your people are, it is important that they stay connected with the business at all times.

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Ace the Most Backbreaking Interview Questions


It’s interview time. You have all your questions prepared and all your answers ready to go (or so you think). You feel confident, motivated, and you’re focused. The interview is going better than expected when all of a sudden the interviewer throws you a curveball. Your face goes red, your palms start to sweat, and you can’t seem to get out any words. A pause of a mere 10 seconds feels like an eternity.

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace

Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2012 is already over?! Which means it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions. What is it going to be this year: exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, take a vacation, or become more ‘green’? Let’s face it: sometimes these goals seem overwhelming, and more often than not they fall by the wayside. But why not set some realistic work-related goals this year that you know you can manage?

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5 Ways to Increase Productivity this Holiday Season

holiday ornament

The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of year. But employees can struggle to stay focused as they try to juggle work responsibilities with their increased personal activities and stresses. According to The National Retail Federation, online shopping is set to reach nearly $96 billion dollars this year! With the almost-constant internet access available at most workplaces, as well as the proliferation of smart phones, the temptation to accomplish this online shopping during work hours (when gift recipients won’t be looking over their shoulder!) is often hard for some employees to resist.

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“The Master of Microsoft”? Really?

Baby on ComputerWhat recruiter hasn’t experienced this? As you read over a candidate’s resume, you come across vague phrases like ‘highly skilled in Excel,’ ‘expert PowerPoint maker,’ or maybe even ‘master in Microsoft Word.’ These are claims that anyone can make. Are you really supposed to believe that someone is a “master in Word”?

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