• 1 What is TestUP?

    TestUP is an online pre-employment testing service tailored to fit the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that allows companies to make better hiring decisions by pre-screening potential employees. TestUP delivers an innovative system of hiring by providing targeted and astute tests without clunky hardware or restrictive licensing agreements. With TestUP, you can identify the strongest candidates while saving both time and money!

  • 2 Why do we need a pre-employment testing service?

    Over time the hiring process can become slow and complicated for growing businesses. Therefore, pre-employment skills testing is an increasingly popular tool among hiring managers that has produced incredible results by improving accuracy, reducing costs, and speeding up the entire hiring process.

  • 3 What makes TestUP better than any other employment testing service?

    TestUP is web-based, offers multiple plans without long term contracts, and is priced to fit budgets of small and medium-sized businesses. Signing up takes only minutes, and administering tests is super simple. TestUP offers a 30-day free trial period with the option to cancel at any time and provides a centralized dashboard for all your hiring resources.

  • 4 What types of employee assessments do you offer?

    We let you choose employment tests that cover a WEALTH of subjects, industries and experience levels. If you would like to view our modular subject library to learn about our tests in more detail, you can register with us.

  • 5 Does TestUP require long-term contracts?

    Nope! With TestUP, unlike many other services, you can avoid long-term contracts and mandatory bulk purchases. We give you the opportunity to customize the service according to your needs and requirements and offer monthly or annual billing plans.

  • 6 Is there a demo that explains your role in hiring applicants for an organization?

    Yes, you can have a look at our video that explains the entire process of applying and testing before the interview.

  • 7 Can I customize the tests, or are they just off-the-shelf selections?

    TestUP gives you absolute freedom to customize your online account to manage as many candidates and employment tests as you wish. At TestUP we understand that it can be important for certain roles to have very specific questions based on company culture, so we allow you to even request a contributor account and upload employment tests that you've written yourself. We will keep your tests private so you can be sure you're the only company administering them.

  • 8 Can I compare candidates on the basis of their tests results and evaluations?

    Through TestUP's Candidate Dashboard, you can easily compare applicants across multiple criteria. Our proprietary Applicant Score Analysis System identifies which particular questions were answered correctly by an applicant, which were answered incorrectly, which were skipped, and the amount of time spent on each question. Within minutes, you can trim the talent pool from 50 to the top 5.

  • 9 How many applicants can we assess overall?

    You can create additional candidate profiles for FREE—there is no charge for adding new candidates. Assess an unlimited number of applicants per job opening at no additional cost.

  • 10 Where should I use pre-employment testing in the hiring process?

    We recommend testing applicants as early in the hiring process as possible. Testing has become an indispensably effective tool that will help you save time and money during your hiring process. Using tests up front is also an efficient and reliable way to gather objective data on candidates.

  • 11 What industries do you cover?

    TestUP works with a wide range of industries: Human Resources, Marketing and PR, Accounting and Finance, Administration and Office, Sales and Business Development, Legal and Paralegal, Networking and Computer systems, Customer Service, Visual Arts, Hospitality Management, Health and Beauty, IT, Real Estate, Software Development and many more. We have 150+ tests in our Test Library.

  • 12 What are your packages and plans for small to medium-sized companies?

    TestUP offers four plans tailored to suit your hiring scope and budget needs. As your company and employment testing goals evolve, TestUP changes with you. Since there are no long-term contracts, simply pick a new plan as needed. You're never stuck paying too much or getting too little with our pre-employment testing service.

  • 13 What method of payment should I use to sign-up?

    At this time we support online payments through all major credit or debit cards.

  • 14 Would it be possible to administer the test to 200 candidates online at once?

    Yes, TestUP can handle large volumes of candidates at one time.

  • 15 Are your prices in U.S. or Canadian dollars?

    All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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