New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace

Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2012 is already over?! Which means it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions. What is it going to be this year: exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, take a vacation, or become more ‘green’? Let’s face it: sometimes these goals seem overwhelming, and more often than not they fall by the wayside. But why not set some realistic work-related goals this year that you know you can manage?

Here is a list of some achievable 2013 resolutions that will help you maintain your sanity, increase productivity, and highlight your professionalism:

  • Be on time to work: No more excuses that your alarm clock didn’t go off on time or you were stuck in traffic. Set a good example for others and get to work on time. Get into the routine of waking up a few minutes earlier so you can be at your desk and ready to work when the day begins.
  • Keep your desk organized: Some people are naturals at it and others aren’t, but staying organized increases efficiency and cuts down on that “uh oh! where did it go?” panic. Start with a small area of your desk, maybe just a drawer. Stay organized in small amounts and it will start to add up. Before you know it, your whole desk will be clean and organized!
  • Write a to-do list once a week: By writing your weekly tasks down (on paper, in your computer’s calendar, or on a smartphone app) you will be able to clearly see what has to be accomplished each day. Write a new list each week, either on Friday afternoon the week before or first thing Monday morning. Enjoy that sense of accomplishment as you cross your tasks off the list and throw it away or delete it at the end of each week.
  • Network yourself and your company: If you’re not doing this already, what are you waiting for? Relationships are at the heart of customer loyalty, marketing, sales, and job searching. Start by making sure all your social networking pages are up-to-date, look professional, and are error-free. Then create a schedule for when you will post to each page. Engagement is absolutely critical – stale pages have no chance to bring you results.
  • Commit to a monthly training schedule: Change is constant in the business world, which means you need to be changing to keep up. Make a commitment to update your skills and increase your professional knowledge once per month. There are many free or low-cost webinars (most take an hour or less) available in almost all fields – run an internet search, head over to YouTube, or check your professional association’s website. And remember to keep a record – proof of voluntary training is a valuable asset at your yearly performance review.

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