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Declan is a senior at Boston College majoring in Communication and minoring in Music. He is an avid music fan with a passion for playing guitar and writing songs. He also enjoys watching movies and running (but not simultaneously). After graduating, he hopes to stay in Boston to pursue a career in marketing.

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How to Comfort Grieving Employees

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When personal tragedy occurs, everything else happening in one’s life seems to lose significance. It’s only rational that when something tragic occurs in the life of one of your employees, his ability to concentrate on work is going to be affected for some time. People deal with tragedy in very different ways – some may prefer being in solitude while others prefer the company of friends. So showing the appropriate signs of compassion for a grieving individual may not be easy but it’s important to show that you care in some way. Here are some pieces of advice to help you console an employee recently affected by tragedy.

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Writing a Captivating Job Description

ID-100111821Quality job descriptions attract quality people. If your company’s job descriptions don’t stand out from the typical page-long bullet lists that oversaturate Craigslist, you’re not going to catch the attention of the most qualified individuals for an open position. While writing a compelling job description will require more thought than writing the ordinary bullet list-styled description, the payoff will be worth the extra time you put in. Your company will receive applications from talented, creative individuals; the type of people who ignore boring job descriptions out of fear that the work environment will be equally boring.

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6 Steps toward Making Better Hiring Decisions


The effects of a bad hire on a firm can be devastating. Not only does a poor hiring decision result in wasted time and money, it can be detrimental to morale in the workplace. A recent Robert Half International study in which over 1,400 CFOs were surveyed found that 35% of participants felt morale was “greatly” affected by poor hiring decisions. The CFOs also concluded that supervisors spend 17% of their time overseeing incompetent employees. That’s almost one day per week!

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