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*Unique* ice breaker activities for meetings

ID-10066543Everyone gathers in the conference room, but no one knows each other. This could either be just another day in the office or that awkward moment you’ve been dreading. Ice breakers in the professional workplace may seem a bit cliché and silly but having fun and meeting new coworkers can be beneficial, ease tension, and even help with professional networking! Below are five unique ideas to break the ice in the office without boring your audience!

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5 Secrets to Creating a Great and Effective Workplace


As a working manager, you understand the importance of creating a thriving workplace. It’s not a secret that creating a comfortable place where employees want to work and make contributions to the company can reduce turnover rates. In fact, transforming a dull 9-5 daily routine into a productive environment for employees doesn’t even have to be rocket science. Not by a longshot.

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Evolving your Group into a Team


It’s game time; everything you’ve worked towards for the past semester culminates in one hour-long presentation. Sweaty palmed, you fix your tie, start up the power point presentation, take one last big, deep breath and face the panel of executives sternly sitting in a row across from you. Nerves almost take hold, but you look behind you and find solace in the faces of your team members. Everyone has done his or her part; you’ve rehearsed this a million times and you all trust each other to deliver the best presentation of your lives. Facing the judges, you begin the introduction:

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