Outsourcing Recruiting? Does it Work?

outsource2Is your company trying to decide whether to outsource their human resource department? This is probably true considering the large amount of companies that are starting to cut the time and cost of the recruiting process. Outsourcing the whole HR department can become difficult because there are so many aspects that need direct interaction with the employees; like training and benefits. However, recruiting is easier to outsource because, besides the interviews; almost everything is done online or with technology. Some companies are even starting to conduct online (Video) interviews.

7 reasons why outsourcing recruiting is beneficial:

  1. Cut a large cost
  2. Reduce the amount of bad hires
  3. All recruiting info organized on one platform
  4. Organized applicant tracking info
  5. Quality control of applicants
  6. Reduce turnover rate
  7. Put focus on other departments

Outsourcing recruiting works well because it allows the company to focus on aspects of the business that are more important than the hiring process. Sometimes there are specialized skills, technology, and needs that are too expensive for a company to invest in, in order to recruit people.