6 Reasons Why In-House Hiring is Beneficial


Many companies have gravitated towards looking within the company first when a new job position opens up. There are plenty of reasons to look within your own company before seeking traditional recruiting methods elsewhere. Below are a few reasons to stick to internal searching if at all possible:

  1. It’s Cheaper – The amount of money companies spend on recruiting and finding a person outside of the company is significant. If you already have a potential replacement in mind within your own walls, you can completely cut out that process – even if it means spending some additional time preparing them for the role.
  2. A Sense of Familiarity – There would be no time spent on making the new employee feel welcomed if they are already apart of the workforce. They will know how people get work done and they will already know what working style works best for the company.
  3. Employee Growth – Good employees always try to get ahead by growing their capabilities. Invest in their future, allowing them grow as they stop into new roles within the corporate structure.
  4. Aligned with Company Goals – The people that are already within the company are aligned with the mission and goals. They know the purpose of the company and how to successfully improve their service or product.
  5. Proven Track Record – There is no need to ask yourself whether or not someone lives up to their resume. When you hire in-house, you are well aware of the quality of work that person produces.
  6. Sense of Value – Hiring within the company will show that management will always put their employees first, and will create a sense of loyalty between employee and employer.

In certain situations, it may be beneficial to hire outside, such as to grow the company larger than your current pool of employees will allow. Also, if there is no one within the company that wants or is qualified for the position, then it may be necessary to look beyond.