5 Secrets to Creating a Great and Effective Workplace


As a working manager, you understand the importance of creating a thriving workplace. It’s not a secret that creating a comfortable place where employees want to work and make contributions to the company can reduce turnover rates. In fact, transforming a dull 9-5 daily routine into a productive environment for employees doesn’t even have to be rocket science. Not by a longshot.

Here are some secrets you can start using today to boost morale and make your employees happier:

  • Secret Tip 1: Consider Being Hands Off

Management, believe it or not, can be much more effective if there is less control over your employees. Building a trusting relationship with your employees can be more beneficial in the long run and inspire more involvement from your team.

  • Secret Tip 2: Understand the Difference between Collaboration and Teamwork

Effectively managing and getting the most out of your workplace will depend on whether you’re leading your employees in a collaborative environment. The distinction here is that in collaboration, you are allowing your employees to pool their own network or resources together for the benefit of the company. It goes beyond teamwork.

  • Secret Tip 3: Communicate on Your Employees’ Level

Hierarchy can be thought of as a telephone game. From customer perspectives, to low-level employees, and eventually high-level managers, the message often gets distorted by the time information reaches the top. Let your employees know that they can speak to you on an even level.

  • Secret Tip 4: Be Friendly with Employees

Take advantage of as many social events in the office as you can. Being on good terms with your employees means building core relationships that are needed in the workplace.

  • Secret Tip 5: Be Open

The best approach to effective management is to have an open door policy for all employees to reach out to you and keep yourself up to date on your employees. Show all of your employees that you are there for them.

At the end of the day you’re managing a diverse group of people. However, even the smallest of changes can make a huge impact when it comes to creating an effective workplace while keeping your employees happy.

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