Workplace Negativity: How to Reduce It

business man - distraughtHaving the wrong attitude in the workplace can affect employee productivity and decrease enthusiasm and creativity. According to Gary Topchik, The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that companies lose $3 billion a year due to the effects of negative attitudes and behaviors on performance at work.  

There are many causes for negativity in the workplace, mostly due to the environment in the organization. Factors that increase employee negativity are: having too much workload, job dissatisfaction, and lack of communication. Other factors are related to the employee’s personality, like being vulnerable to stress. After negative factors start rolling in, individuals start expressing negative behavior by complaining about small incidents, looking only at the negative side of situations, and starting fights or blaming others. This spreads their negative mood and tarnishes the workplace ambiance. So, how do you avoid or reduce negativity in the workplace?

The best way to reduce negativity is by focusing on eliminating situations that create the negative energy.  Tips you can follow to create positive energy in the workplace are:

  1. Always give employees the opportunity to express their opinion. Involving them in the decision-making process will keep employees satisfied, since it makes them feel valuable.
  2. If employees have complaints, listen to them and figure out solutions. Communicating and understanding each other’s viewpoints is fundamental for maintaining a positive environment.
  3. Give employees positive feedback to increase effectiveness and productivity. If you have negative feedback, don’t express it in front of other employees. Negative feedback is important for employees to learn from, but should be given in the appropriate manner to avoid discouragement.
  4. Encourage workplace activities, like holiday feasts, so employees have time to bond and get along. Activities will improve the relationship between employees, reducing gossip and drama within the office. They will also help employees relieve stress from a long day at work.
  5. Finally, as a manager, set an example by always bringing the right attitude to the workplace. Don’t have favorites, be fair, and communicate with your employees.

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