Why Niche Job Boards are Becoming Popular

Niche-job-board1A niche job site is a job posting web site for a specific industry or group of job seekers. Niche job sites include all levels of positions and can rank the jobs based on industry, type of position, and location. The smaller job posting boards will show openings that would get lost in a larger job board. Also there is a greater chance that your resume will end up in the hand of a recruiter rather than getting lost after applying through a general application site. Smaller companies will also use niche sites in order to find the most attractive applicants for their companies. It allows them to spend less time going through applicants than if they were using a larger job posting site. These niche site aren’t always easy to find, so here is a list of some helpful sites:

  1. Adrants, http://www.adrants.com/ – Jobs in the advertising industry
  2. AllRetailJobs.com, http://www.allretailjobs.com/ – Jobs in the retail industry
  3. Authentic Jobs, http://www.authenticjobs.com/ – Jobs in the web development industry
  4. ClearanceJobs, http://www.clearancejobs.com/ – Job board exclusively for candidates with active or current U.S. Government security clearances
  5. Coroflot, http://www.coroflot.com/ – Jobs for design-driven companies
  6. CrunchBoard, http://www.crunchboard.com/jobs/ – Jobs in the technology industry
  7. Culintro, http://culintro.com/ – Jobs in the culinary industry
  8. eFinancial Careers, http://www.efinancialcareers.com/ – Jobs in the finance, banking and insurance industries
  9. Energyfolks, https://www.energyfolks.com/ – Jobs in the energy industry
  10. Flexjobs, http://www.flexjobs.com/ – Job site for part-time or full-time flexible jobs
  11. HealthcareJobsite, http://www.healthcarejobsite.com/ – Jobs for the healthcare industry
  12. JobsInLogistics, http://www.jobsinlogistics.com/ – Jobs in the logistics industry
  13. JobsInManufacturing, http://www.jobsinmfg.com/ -Jobs for plant management, production planning, materials management, engineering, maintenance, purchasing and logistics
  14. JobsInTrucks, http://jobsintrucks.com/ – Jobs for drivers
  15. Sales Gravy, http://www.salesgravy.com/ – Jobs in the sales industry

Hopefully these sites will help you hone in on the specific industry that you’re most interested in. With a somewhat high unemployment rate of 6.7%, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the millions that are also seeking jobs.