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When you’re under pressure to find the best candidates, you could use a lot more than just an employment test. In addition to our in-depth pre-employment testing, your TestUp account comes with a full range of features to help you streamline the hiring process, as well as act as a complete online management tool for both your open positions and candidates.
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Our team’s extensive research and experience assures that the TestUp employment testing system is tailored to your needs. Our pre-employment testing saves you time and money by helping you make the most informed decisions without roping you into contracts or hidden fees. Read on to find out all the ways our pre-employment test service can benefit you!

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Pre-employment testing is just a part of the ongoing development in the world of HR. Every employment test we offer is updated according to the newest progress in the field. Join the conversation on our blog for our observations and tips to help you get the most out of it!

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Are you making common HR mistakes? Is your recruitment process up to date with Generation Y? The experts behind TestUp know about a lot more than just pre-employment testing; we’ve compiled some of our best advice and insights into a series of whitepapers that you can download for free.
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The hiring process can test your patience.
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  • With TestUP I know I can evaluate the best people for my company at the best price. I never need to worry about inaccurate scores or exorbitant pricing.

    Matthew Norris
  • The public portfolio feature lets me show off my skills in a way that I never could with a resume. TestUP gives me a competitive edge in a tough job market.

    Isabel Grandview
  • I know what it takes to be a great programmer. As a test contributor for TestUP I get paid to write about what I have learned from working in the industry. With my tests companies can screen applicants based on what matters.

    Stanley Talik
  • The hiring process is never easy and there are so many factors to consider. TestUP makes it so that I never have to worry about hiring someone who is unqualified.

    Mary Flanders
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