TestUP was selfishly developed for our own burgeoning small business. You could say we are TestUP’s first client.

As we grew, the hiring process became overly cumbersome and time-consuming. We were bogged down with reviewing stacks of resumes and interviewing multitudes of candidates – time that should have been spent building our business.

We needed a solution, a way to quickly uncover the best and brightest among the pack. Unfortunately, most pre-employment testing services were beyond our budget and not flexible enough to fit our evolving needs.

And so TestUP was born. TestUP is web-based, offers multiple plans without contract, and is priced to fit the often limited budgets of small and medium-sized businesses. As your staffing needs grow in line with your business, simply upgrade your plan.

TestUP pays for itself in a single hire. You can be certain this person is the most qualified applicant for the position, and a major contributor to your company’s future. Signing up takes minutes and administering tests is super simple.

Stop burning through company resources trying to find the right fit. Let TestUP do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business. We did.

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