The nation’s most respected employers rely on TestUP to pre-screen job applicants. As our growing client base spans across nearly every industry, we are always looking for talented subject matter experts to develop insightful and thought-provoking skills and aptitude tests.

Beyond knowing their work is helping employers find the best talent and intelligently grow their companies, TestUP Contributors also share in the success of the tests they produce. Writers of popular tests for employment enjoy exciting new income streams through our innovative Revenue Share program.

To begin, interested test writers should create their online account profile.

TestUP holds the industry’s highest standards for accuracy, validity, and overall quality, and all tests will undergo a rigorous approval process before they are made available for selection in the Test Marketplace.

Joining the TestUP team as a Contributor is a rewarding opportunity on many levels. Together, we will help our client companies, and you, become more successful. 

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