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We all want to hire the right person for the job, but identifying top talent can be unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming. An inefficient hiring process often can divert focus from immediate business needs and force managers to compromise on quality.

That's where TestUP comes in. TestUP is a cloud-based, integrated employment testing platform that organizes employment tests for all industries and roles. Think of it as a Recruiter, a Subject Matter Expert, and a Pre-Employment Testing Marketplace all in one!

OneSave time and money by identifying the right talent the first time
TwoLeverage multiple data points and detailed employment test results to make the most informed hiring decisions
ThreeSelect from a variety of flexible and affordable plans that evolve with your needs
FourAvoid long-term contracts and mandatory bulk purchases
FiveCustomize your online account to manage as many candidates and employment tests as you wish
SixAccess your account anytime, anywhere to:
  • Manage candidates
  • Select and schedule hiring tests
  • View applicant performance
  • View applicant resumes
  • And more!
SevenChoose employment tests that cover a wealth of subjects, industries and experience levels
EightCreate candidate profiles for free - there is no charge for adding new prospects
NineSchedule online employment tests any time for any candidate with a single click
TenBe confident - the accuracy of our pre-employment testing is continuously verified by the TestUP system
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