• 1 Andrew Nyer (Employer)

    This wasn’t the first pre-employment testing service we tried, but it certainly was the best. TestUP has become our company’s go-to, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    2015-08-26 23:02:46
  • 2 Gabe Rooney (Employer)

    Overall, my experience with TestUP has been great, and I would definitely recommend the service to all small and medium-size businesses. We’ve also been extremely pleased with the responsive support and proactive recommendations from the team.

    2015-08-25 14:55:01
  • 3 Ricky Donnellon (Candidate)

    TestUP encompasses a wide range of industries and tests specific to particular positions. I was looking for a role in Media Buying, and TestUP offered five tests such as Media Relations/Knowledge of News Media and Press Materials/Press Conferences that were absolutely relevant to that role, which gave me a good chance to showcase my knowledge on the subject.

    2015-08-25 08:37:24
  • 4 Sara Watts (Employer)

    TestUP has exponentially cut down on the time it takes me to interview an applicant pool. It was efficient, easy to use, and has now become an indispensable part of my hiring strategy.

    2015-08-24 21:07:03
  • 5 Cooper Kelly (Candidate)

    It’s been amazing working with TestUP. The tests are really easy to comprehend and very user-friendly. What’s more, I landed my dream job with TestUP’s assistance and test evaluations.

    2015-08-24 17:09:17
  • 6 Emma Parson (Employer)

    Our hiring managers have been very pleased with the variety of standard tests available, along with the ability to create and post our own tests. TestUP is going to make a big difference in the quality of the people we add to our team. I expect we will have lower turnover and a happier staff as a result.

    2015-08-19 09:33:25
  • 7 Emily Henderson (Employer)

    Stellar performance! Thanks for helping us hit our target so quickly. TestUP has provided us with a meaningful way to focus on a more manageable and pre-qualified group of individuals.

    2015-08-17 21:06:26
  • 8 Samantha Gonzales (Employer)

    I could not be happier with the quality of TestUP’s testing software and service. Based on TestUP’s database of questions, we were able to put together a relevant test within minutes that candidates could easily access. This has saved us countless hours of pointless interviews with the wrong candidates and has efficiently directed us to the ones who are the best match

    2015-08-17 17:53:49
  • 9 Richard Cream (Employer)

    TestUP was a lifesaver for my company. Most pre-employment testing services are too expensive for my small business, but TestUP provided the perfect balance of high-quality service and pricing plans that fit my company’s budget.

    2015-08-05 15:27:13
  • 10 Peter Aaronson (Employer)

    TestUP has helped us assess a high volume of candidates in a fast, easy, and efficient way. I especially like the dashboard feature, which provides access to your job openings, candidate profiles, test results, all of your employment tests, and notes about each candidate in one single login, saving many hours of organizing and analyzing.

    2015-08-04 19:15:29
  • 11 Kevin Newcomb (Candidate)

    The testing service incorporated the right balance of technical skills and behavioral questions that were very relevant to the job I was applying for. Also, they have really cool videos on their YouTube channel that give a clear understanding of the overall service for first-time users.

    2015-08-04 13:48:54
  • 12 Jordan Debner (Employer)

    TestUP offers a 30-day free trial, which was very useful for learning about all of the tests in-depth and designing customized questions in a particular category. Their services include aptitude, skills, and personality tests. I was very satisfied with the attention I’ve received from TestUP as a customer and their can-do approach is invaluable.

    2015-08-03 10:17:32
  • 13 Mary Flanders (Employer)

    The hiring process is never easy and there are so many factors to consider. TestUP makes it so that I never have to worry about hiring someone who is unqualified.

    2015-07-23 14:23:48
  • 14 Stanley Talik (Employer)

    I know what it takes to be a great programmer. As a test contributor for TestUP I get paid to write about what I have learned from working in the industry. With my tests companies can screen applicants based on what matters.

    2015-07-16 13:21:39
  • 15 Isabel Grandview (Candidate)

    The public portfolio feature lets me show off my skills in a way that I never could with a resume. TestUP gives me a competitive edge in a tough job market.

    2015-07-10 12:21:39
  • 16 Matthew Norris (Employer)

    With TestUP I know I can evaluate the best people for my company at the best price. I never need to worry about inaccurate scores or exorbitant pricing.

    2015-07-06 17:42:18

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