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General Test View Sample

Dear Applicant, This exam will measure the degree to which an applicant can efficiently and accurately compare two strings of letters, numbers and/or pictures. It reviews a test taker's ability to quickly grasp errors with speed and accuracy in answering a question. Whether a candidate has the patience, focus, and willingness to be thorough in his/her work. 

Which is different from the other two?

  • Michael Darson Peterson 

  • Michael Darson Petersson 

  •  Michael Darson Petersson 

  • No difference

Are these pictures same or different?


  • Same

  • Different

Are these pictures same or different?


  • Same

  • Different

Business Math View Sample

This test is composed of multiple choice questions covering the basics of Business Mathematics. This test is appropriate for positions that involve responsibilities relating to pricing, sales, basic accounting, and other tasks at the basic math level.

The value of the digit "4" in the number 23,406 is:

  • tens
  • seven
  • hundreds
  • thousands

In the number 8,963, which digit is in the tens place?

  • 8
  • 3
  • 6
  • 9

6,765 in verbal form would be:

  • six hundred seven thousand sixty-five
  • six thousand seven hundred sixty-five
  • sixty-seven sixty-five
  • sixty-seven hundred sixty-five

Customer Support Representative View Sample

This test is intended to be taken by people with customer support/service skills at a Basic Level (1+ years) through Expert Level (5+ years). The test is designed to measure phone communication and problem-solving abilities required in all customer support/service positions. It also measure's an employee's temperament and philosophy in a customer service position.

What is the appropriate number of rings before answering the phone?

  • One ring
  • Two rings
  • Three rings
  • Four rings

What tone of voice is best to use on the phone with a customer?

  • Brisk and efficient
  • Friendly and willing to help
  • Calm and clear
  • Quick and peppy

What time is the longest that a customer should be put on hold?

  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 2 minutes

Interviewing Skills View Sample

The following test reviews the competency and knowledge of Recruiting Skills. Potential audiences of this test may be the HR Director, HR Manager, Benefits Manager, Recruiter, or HR Generalist.

What should a good interviewer do?

  • Listen
  • Ask pointed questions
  • Understand the culture of the department for which they're recruiting
  • All of the above

What is the purpose of the interview?

  • To waste time
  • To find qualified applicants
  • A & B are correct answers
  • None of the above

Who is the person being interviewed?

  • A new employee
  • An employee referral
  • A candidate
  • None of the above

Sales Skills View Sample

The Sales Skills test is intended to be taken by candidates with basic knowledge of sales (1-3 year of experience). The test is designed to measure the candidate's understanding of successful sales representative's characteristics, knowledge of general sales terminology, and knowledge of the various steps involved in the sales process.

Is the following statement true or false?
One of the techniques used by sales representatives is to learn something personal about the prospect.

  • True
  • False

Which two personal qualities must a good sales representative have?

  • Empathy and ego drive
  • Aggressiveness and persistance
  • Complaisance and friendliness
  • Emotionality and responsiveness

Is the following statement true or false?
During the process of selling a product or service to a prospect, it is important to understand their feelings. This is called having sympathy for the prospect.

  • True
  • False

Sales Aptitude View Sample

The Sales Aptitude test is intended to be taken by candidates with basic knowledge of sales with up to 3 years of experience. The test is designed to determine if the candidate has the characteristics of a successful sales professional, and to measure their knowledge of general sales terminology and the sales process.

Which of the following is/are essential to become a good salesperson?

  • Enjoying solving problems.
  • Building and maintaining relationships.
  • Keeping abreast of the competition.
  • All of the above.

In sales, what does the act of establishing rapport refer to?

  • Rapport refers to establishing a relationship of trust.
  • Rapport refers to understanding the nature of a problem.
  • Rapport refers to presenting a solution to a problem.
  • Rapport refers to establishing that the prospect needs a product.

What does an act of selling involve?

  • Gaining trust.
  • Determining and meeting a need.
  • Filling an order.
  • Options A and B are both correct.

CRM Systems and Salesforce View Sample

The CRM Systems and Salesforce test is intended to be taken by candidates with basic knowledge of Customer Relationship Management systems (1-3 years of experience). The test is designed to measure the candidate's knowledge of basic CRM principles, basics of implementing CRM systems, the characteristics of CRM systems, and of the basic attributes of a Salesforce CRM system.

What are CRM solutions used for?

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service and support
  • All of the above

CRM on Demand is a result of combining CRM with Cloud computing, and can be accessed _______________.

  • only from the computer with the installed software.
  • from any computer in the company's office.
  • from computers, PDAs and mobile devices that have Internet access.
  • None of the above.

A primary attribute of an effective CRM system is _________________.

  • system uptime.
  • ease of use.
  • training manuals.
  • system downtime.

Honesty, Integrity, and Ethics View Sample

The Honesty, Integrity and Ethics test is designed to measure the candidate's level of honesty and their ethical standards. The score in the Honesty scale will indicate how honest the candidate is. The score in the Ethics scale will indicate whether or not the candidate has strong ethical standards. The score in the Integrity scale will indicate whether the candidate has strong moral principles.

You ordered a book online, and when you received your order in the mail, you got two books instead of one. What will you do with the second book?

  • I will not say anything and keep the second book - it is not my mistake so why should I bother?
  • I will contact the seller about it and ask if they want the second book back.
  • I will send the book back with a note explaining that I received two instead of one.

You are shopping in a department store and accidentally break an expensive vase. You look around and realize no one saw you do it. What do you do?

  • I find the store manager and admit that I broke the vase, offering to pay for it.
  • I find the store manager but, because I cannot afford to pay for it, I tell them that I found the vase broken.
  • I walk out of the store, it was just an accident.

You are walking behind a woman who is looking for something in her bag. You see her drop two $10 bills. What do you do?

  • I pick them up and hand them back to her.
  • I return one of the bills, and keep the second.
  • I pick the money up and keep it.

English-to-Spanish Translation View Sample

The English-to-Spanish Translation test examines the candidate's knowledge of English-to-Spanish translation of commonly used business terms and phrases.

In Spanish, a stock exchange company is referred to as __________________.

  • corporación al pulso del pueblo
  • una compañía que dirige la compra y venta de acciones
  • una compañía la cual emite boletines informativos sobre las empresas de la generecion de la electricidad
  • una agencia que vela por la industria pesquera

In Spanish, a business society or association is referred to as ____________________.

  • una compañía con no más que un solo producto
  • una compañía con una multitud de productos en una variedad de mercados
  • una facilidad industrial donde funde varios metales
  • un consorcio

When one refers to an approach or strategy being applied "across the board", one means ___________________.

  • que uno cuente todo con plena honestidad sin importar las consecuencias
  • que algo es bastante abrumador y completo y profundo en sus efectos
  • que todos se incorporen en la misma estrategia unanimamente
  • que uno va patinando con facilidad a traves de los problemas

English Proofreading Skills View Sample

The English Proofreading Skills test is intended to be taken by candidates for positions requiring proofreading skills or the use of proper written English. The material covers English punctuation, grammar, mechanics, sentence structure and spelling, as well as attention to detail in reading text. The goal of the test is to determine whether a candidate has competency for tasks requiring use of written English.

Compare the manuscript copy to the answer choices and identify the line that contains an error.


Johnson, Thomas T.; 234 Oak St., Columbus, Ohio 03875

Gillyoung, Beth W.; 43785 Shady Brook Lane, Lansing, MI 78857

Kane, Carole A.; 4267-A Hedgehog Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 94875

Lightfoot, John J.; 249 Apt. #3 Penny Boulevard, Carson City, NV 30687

Munge, Ralph H.; 74967 Prickly Pear Road, Reno, NV 30688

  • Johnson, Thomas T.; 234 Oak St., Columbus, Ohio 03875

  • Gillyoung, Beth W.; 43785 Shady Brook Lane, Lansing, MI 78857

  • Kane, Carole A.; 4267-A Hedgehog Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 94875

  • Munge, Ralph H.; 74967 Prickly Pear Road, Reno, NV 30687

Which phrase is capitalized incorrectly?

  • A Boston terrier

  • the twenty-first century

  • fighting world war II

  • the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Insert the correct sequence of words or phrases in the following sentence.

Physicists discovered that the ________ ________ of the Pauli exclusion _______ was to ________ the configuration of electrons in an atom.

  • principle/effect/principal/affect

  • principal/affect/principle/effect

  • principal/effect/principle/affect

  • principle/affect/principal/effect

We developed TestUP after nearly a decade of hiring for our own small business. We understand the challenges of hiring for a mid to small-sized company. Trust us, we tried nearly every pre-employment testing tool on the market in an attempt to improve the process-without success. We finally decided that the only way to truly make hiring easier (and smarter) was to create an entirely new way of approaching the pre-employment process.

The result was TestUP - an intuitive, web-based candidate testing tool complete with features once only available to the Fortune 500.

Free Basic Hiring Test

Free Basic Hiring Test

We get it - your HR budget isn't infinite, but sometimes it seems like your pool of applicants is. To help you narrow down your list of candidates right from the start, we offer an unlimited number of free assessments and testing tools to all of our registered users. TestUP's free hiring tests help you target the candidates who are most interested in your position and have the basic skills you require, so you can spend your HR dollars wisely. To see a sampling of tests Click here!

Career Widget

Career Widget

We want to make sure your applicants make it to your assessments, so we've made it super simple. By installing our widget directly on your company's website, your job openings are visible to candidates and each post is linked to your TestUP account and your employment tests. We'll also give you a unique link for each of your hiring tests to include in your job posting on external employment sites and job boards. Why should you do all the work? Let the candidates come to you!

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Every company has unique hiring needs, so why would we try to fit you into someone else's plan? With TestUP, you never have to pay for more than you need. There's no contract, you can change plans as often as you like, and unused employment tests rollover.

Complete Online Management

Complete Online Management

Your time is valuable. You need everything in one place. TestUP Dashboard to the rescue! With a single log in, this testing tool gives you access to your job openings, candidate profiles, test results, all of your employment tests, and notes about each candidate. Save running around for your weekend errands and let TestUP do the organizing for you.

Upload Your Own Employment Tests

Upload Your Own Employment Tests

Do you already have pencil-and-paper employment tests that you like to give candidates? Would you like to create your own employment tests that address your specific requirements or subject matter? We've got you covered! Request a Contributor account and you can upload employment tests that you've written yourself. We'll even keep them private so you can be sure you're the only company administering them.

Community Rating System

Community Rating System

TestUP is constantly growing, with new tests added on a regular basis to keep up with demand across all industries. Employment tests are rated by the candidates themselves, helping to continuously improve the quality of our employment testing as well as inform you which tests are the best indicators of specific skill sets.

Precision Employment Test Categorization

Precision Employment Test Categorization

Once your profile is created, TestUP automatically adjusts to you, recommending employment tests relevant to your industry and role. Or, you can easily explore the TestUP tag cloud to see all tests on a particular subject, as well as the most popular tests we offer. Our database includes both skills and personality tests so you can get a complete understanding of each candidate.

Favorites Management

Favorites Management

Found an employment test that you use often? Many TestUP clients do. With our Favorites folder, you can quickly schedule these tests for multiple candidates and different job openings with just a couple clicks.

Custom Position Creation

Custom Position Creation

TestUP understands that every company is different, so we designed our platform to be attuned to the unique needs of your business. Instead of picking from a list of vague job titles for your open position, you have the freedom to create your own titles and descriptions. Then, make pre-employment testing even easier by saving these positions in your account for use now and in the future.

Candidate Comparison and Management

Candidate Comparison and Management

So you've tested 50 applicants without picking up the phone or meeting with anyone. Now you need to decide who should move on to the next round. Through TestUP's Candidate Dashboard, you can easily compare applicants across multiple criteria like what questions they skipped during the employment testing process. Within minutes, you can trim the talent pool from 50 to the top 5, ensuring your time is invested wisely.

Detailed Employment Test

Detailed Employment Test

At TestUP, we understand that a score by itself is not the only indicator of a candidate's capabilities or personality traits. This is why we developed our proprietary Applicant Score Analysis System that identifies which particular questions were answered correctly, which were skipped, and time spent on each question. You can then compare these results to the average success rate and time spent per question for all employment test takers. TestUP empowers you to compare candidates against your expectations and needs, as well as against the larger applicant pool currently available.

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